In January, I sent a newsletter wishing you all a happy, healthy and inspiring 2020. Shortly after that, I left my home in Paris, heading for two months of work abroad.
I was going to be back in late March, and the next newsletter was planned for April. I wanted to tell about "Castor et Pollux" that would have premiered at Opera Kameralna in Warsaw. I was going to announce "Le Ballet des Noctambules" with Harmonia Sacra in Valenciennes in June, as well as "Turquerie à la Française" with Fantaisies Baroques at Ferney-Voltaire, and I was going to advice on the differences between the two summer academies that I was involved in at Löftadalen and in Versailles.

We are now in July, and for professional and private reasons I am still on the very same journey that I started out on in January. While winter has turned into summer I have, like so many colleagues within the field, seen my dreams crushed and my savings disappear. But in the midst of this immense crisis, I have also experienced moments of happiness, health and inspiration, albeit for very different reasons than the expected ones.

And as summer comes into full swing, I am grateful to finally be able to cultivate "the art of looking forward", to quote a tagline from the Royal Swedish Opera. For me it means that I know that I will be back home after summer and that there will, in due time, be productions, audiences, colleagues, students, dance studios and theatres, in one way or another. And although almost everything that I was going to announce has been cancelled, there is one exception that has kept me going through this period: “Station Illusion”, a family performance that I am creating for the Stockholm opera, which will premiere in April next year.

As I wrote in the January newsletter, connecting to the performance space is an essential aspect of our profession. In these times I can't repeat it enough. A screen is a wonderful tool, but it is not a theatre.

With these words, I wish you a happy, healthy and inspiring second part of 2020!

Karin Modigh
Artistic Director
Ceci n'est pas un théâtre
Nordic Baroque Dancers is a Sweden-based company directed by Karin Modigh, herself living in Paris. We work with different choreographers and project-based teams in a variety of contexts. Our vision is to nurture and broaden the view of baroque dance.

International Summer Academy 2021

The Magic of Theatre
The 2020 edition of the International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance is cancelled due to local regulations, and will be postponed to 2021. A majority of the registered students have chosen to keep their places for next year, and for new students registrations will open on 15 January 2021.



dancer | performer | choreographer | stage director | teacher | creator




New creation for the Royal Swedish Opera

Choreography, stage direction and set design: Karin Modigh
Dramaturg: Marie Persson Hedenius
Costumes and mask: Weriem
Light design: Karl Svensson
Set production: Christer Svensson and Björn Kiltorp
Musical director: Peter Spissky

Excerpts from J-B Lully's L'Amour médecin and M-A Charpentier's Le Malade imaginaire.
Text by J-B Molière, new Swedish translation by Anna Linden.

A dazzling extravaganza set in 18th century Stockholm

Station Illusion is an invitation to Stockholm in 1700, where a French travelling theatre company provides the entertainment. Our guide is Tessin, the popular palace architect and a great patron of culture who did everything in his power to cheer up the gloomy Swedes through illusion and playfulness.

We travel back in time to an illustrious world of theatre, filled with excitement and passion. There will be music, dance, song, commedia dell'arte and breakneck transformation.

Family performance, suitable for children from 6 years old.
Premiere at Kungliga Operan, Stockholm, Sweden, 24 April 2021.

Station Illusion, photo by Markus Gårder.



New production with ensemble Harmonia Sacra

Concept: Mickaël Bouffard (stage direction) and Loris Barrucand (musical direction)
Performers: Nicolas Achten (voice, theorbo and harp), Loris Barrucand (harpsichord), Mickaël Bouffard (dance) and Karin Modigh (dance)

At a time when opera-lovers couldn't bring their beloved art into their homes through cd:s or videos, adapted scores of music and choreographies of the recent hits were sold at the doors of Palais-Royal in Paris. Thus, the amateurs could sing, play and dance bits and pieces of what they had experienced as audience.

Through poetry and reveries, this performance spotlights a specific and rich part of the French musical and choreographical heritage.

Premiere at Le Phénix, Valenciennes, France, 19 September 2020.


Image CBV

Revival with Compagnie Divertimenty

Concept: Guillaume Jablonka
Dancers: Irène Feste, Hubert Hazebroucq, Guillaume Jablonka, Karin Modigh

What is your favourite baroque choreography? In Les Coulisses du Ballet Vénitien, the audience is put in the place of theatre directors and gets to vote for their preferred part. They also get a sneek-peak of what happens behind the scenes, where choreographies for the Venetian ballet are being gracefully rehearsed, but where relationships between the performers are not always easy-going.

Les Coulisses du Ballet Vénitien is a family performance that was created by Guillaume Jablonka/Divertimenty in 2015, and performed at Opéra Comique in Paris. It will be revived in October 2020.

More information on venues and performance dates to come soon at www.divertimenty.org.


19-26 July, Löftadalen Conservatory, Åsa, Sweden
International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance
Beginners and intermediate level, main teachers Charlotte Bell and Deda Cristina Colonna
Postponed due to Covid-19

9-16 August, Löftadalen Conservatory, Åsa, Sweden
International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance
Advanced and professional level, main teachers Hubert Hazebroucq and Marie-Geneviève Massé
Postponed due to Covid-19


21-24 March, Opera Kameralna, Warsaw, Poland
Castor et Pollux, assistant choreographer/rehearsal director
Postponed due to Covid-19

7 June, Centre Culturel de l’Odyssée, Valenciennes, France
Le Ballet des Noctambules, dancer
Cancelled due to Covid-19

27 June, Ferney-Voltaire, France
Turquerie à la Française, dancer
Cancelled due to Covid-19

6-11 July, Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, France
Académie Baroque de Versailles, teacher and coordinator
Postponed due to Covid-19

19 September, Le Phénix, Valenciennes, France
Le Ballet des Noctambules, dancer

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