“The International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance started off in 2014, largely thanks to the collaboration with Löftadalen Conservatory, and the support from their owner, the region of Halland. But for the 2020 edition the collaborators withdrew, leaving Nordic Baroque Dancers as the sole organiser. When last summer was cancelled due to Covid-19, our aim was to transfer the Summer Academy to 2021 and carry it out according to the same plans as for 2020.

However, the Conservatory does not let us rent the facilities for two full weeks and, most importantly, the region of Halland has more than doubled the rent. We are therefore, after long negotiations and with deep regrets, forced to cancel the International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance.

This is a heavy burden for Nordic Baroque Dancers and as for a majority of the performing arts professionals and organizations, the future is very uncertain. But at the same time, we are more than grateful for all the memories that were created during our years at Löftadalen, years marked by inspiration and hard work.

Learning from the best. Getting inspired by nature. Sharing new horizons.

To this tagline I would like to add what the Summer Academy has meant to me personally, and I think to many of the students as well:
Artistic revelations. Happy moments. Life-changing encounters.

I wish to thank all the students and teachers who have participated during our years at Löftadalen. I also want to thank Lena Cederwall Broberg, my main partner in crime, who has greatly contributed all along with her rich experience and support.

With my deepest regrets, and hoping to see you somewhere, sometime, for new artistic adventures!”

Karin Modigh