In the morning: Rehearsal with my Parisian colleagues in a building from 1630. We dance through some Feuillet notated choreographies, and work on how to fill them with body, breathing and life.

In the evening: Arrival in Stockholm, working on the video art that will be projected during our newly created off-baroque choreographies. Transfers in body and in space, improvisations, rules, inner movement experiences... The technique is baroque, but the inspiration and the methods are here and now.

Sometimes I'm perceived as extremely specialized. Very often I feel rootless when moving between contexts, cultures and epochs. But mostly I feel like I do right now: inspired and alive. And I wonder if it's not in the field of tension between different expressions that I feel most at home.

Thank you for reading our newsletter, and hoping that you let yourself get inspired in your way!

Karin Modigh
Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director


Dance concert with the Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble

Trailer Stockholm Syndrome

Noah Hellwig and Karin Modigh will perform some newly created baroque and off-baroque dance, together with the chamber music concept Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, and video projections by Mattias de Frumerie.

Simon Crawford-Phillips (harpsichord/piano), Malin Broman (violin), Fredrik Paulsson (viola), Malin William-Olsson (violin), Johannes Rostamo (cello), Rick Stotijn (double bass)

Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm
Monday 24 April at 19:00
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The concert will be repeated at Tjolöholms slott, Halland, Sweden, on 13 August 2017


Support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

We wish to thank The Swedish Art Grants Committee for supporting our upcoming production Dialects/Dialogues, including choreographies by Marie-Geneviève Massé, Deda Cristina Colonna and Noah Hellwig/Karin Modigh. The production will premiere in a first version at the festival Valle Barock in Sweden in August, in collaboration with a French-Scandinavian baroque ensemble under the direction of Tormod Dalen.

Dancers: Noah Hellwig and Karin Modigh
Musicians: Alice Pierot (violin), Renata Lobo Kubala (violin), Torun Torbo (traverso), Tormod Dalen (basse de violon), Lars Henrik Johansen (harpsichord)
Costume designer: Meriem Bahri


Scholarship holders for the 2017 Summer Academy

We are very happy to announce the holders of the 2017 Löftadalen Summer Academy Scholarship, in memory of Ivo Cramér:

Stéphanie Brochard
Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

Adrian Navarro
Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

They will attend the advanced/professional Summer Academy 9-15 July, to study with Gilles Poirier.

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Collaborations and more


La Pazzia Senile, madrigal comedy from 1598

The premiere of La Pazzia Senile, a madrigal comedy by Banchieri from 1598, is getting closer. The first performance will take place at the early music festival in Trollhättan on 12 May, and then be repeated in Gothenburg and Copenhagen in November 2017.

A classic commedia dell'arte scenario performed in an experimental way, inspired by a time when the art of opera had not yet found its shape.

Music director: Daniel Stighäll
Stage direction: Tuvalisa Rangström
Set design: Pia Davidson
Karin Modigh (pantomime/dancing), Per Buhre (pantomime/singing/violin), Ingeborg Dalheim (singing/pantomime), Daniel Ralphsson (singing/pantomime), Karl Peter Eriksson (singing), Lene Langballe (flutes/cornett), Emelie Roos (flutes), Daniel Stighäll (trombone), Dohyo Sol (lute/theorbo/baroque guitar), Gilbert Martinez (harpsichord)


Monteverdi's L'Orfeo in Trollhättan

The early music festival in Trollhättan will also host a semi-staged version of Monteverdi's L'Orfeo (1607), including eight young dance students performing choreographies by Karin Modigh.
13 May at 19:30.

Musical direction: Mattias Eklund and Gilbert Martinez
Stage direction: Per T Buhre
Choreography: Karin Modigh

Orfeo: Leif Aruhn-Solén
Eurydice/la Musica: Ingeborg Dalheim
Other parts: Tove Dahlberg, Daniel Ralphsson, Simon Duus and Per T Buhre


Anniversary performance in the orangery of Château de Sceaux

On 20 May, Karin Modigh will dance with he French company Fantaisies Baroques at the 300 years anniversary of the Russian tsar Peter’s visit to Château de Sceaux in Paris. 

Les Honneurs faits au tsar
Choreography: Irène Feste and Pierre-François Dollé
Dancers: Sarah Berreby, Irène Feste, Karin Modigh, Gudrun Skamletz
Actors and musicians.

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24 April, Musikaliska, Stockholm, Sweden
Dance Dance Dance, Noah Hellwig and Karin Modigh perform with Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble

12 May, Trollhättans Tidig Musik-dagar, Sweden
La Pazzia Senile, madrigal comedy by Adriano Banchieri

13 May, Trollhättans Tidig Musik-dagar, Sweden
L'Orfeo, opera by Monteverdi

20 May, L’Orangerie du domaine de Sceaux, France
Les Honneurs faits au tsar with Compagnie Fantaisies Baroques

25 June - 1 July, Löftadalen Conservatory, Sweden
International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance, beginners and intermediate level

9-15 July, Löftadalen Conservatory, Sweden
International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance, advanced and professional level

12 August, Tjolöholms slott, Sweden
Dance Dance Dance, Noah Hellwig and Karin Modigh perform with Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble

19 August, Valle Barock, Sweden
Dialects/Dialogues, dance concert with choreographies by Marie-Geneviève Massé and Noah Hellwig/Karin Modigh


Nordic Baroque Dancers is a Sweden-based company directed by Karin Modigh, herself living in Paris.

We work with different choreographers and project-based teams in a variety of contexts. Our vision is to nurture and broaden the view of baroque dance.

Be it productions based on choreographies from the Feuillet-notated repertoire, or new creations using the baroque aesthetic as a point of departure, the work is driven by the conviction that the 17th and 18th-century dance arts have an intrinsic value, independently of their historical context.