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Scholarship holders for the 2017 Summer Academy

We are very happy to announce the holders of the

2017 Löftadalen Summer Academy Scholarship, in memory of Ivo Cramér:
Stéphanie Brochard and Adrian Navarro

They will attend the advanced/professional Summer Academy 9-15 July, to study with Gilles Poirier.


Stéphanie Brochard, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, Montréal/Canada:

Stéphanie Brochard‘I love traveling to discover different cultures, different point of views as well as different values and open my mind to other ways of approaching things. Not only do I enjoy crossing geographical borders, I also have a great interest in crossing artistic borders and mixing different art forms. Contemporary dance, physical theatre, clown, baroque dance is all part of who I am as an artist. Encounters, exchanges with other people are vital to artists in order to nourish our sensitivity and our awareness. Being an artist is a way of living, every day, every minute, is an opportunity to be inspired, to contemplate, to question or to simply absorb what is happening around and inside us.

Particularly interested in creating a choreographic vocabulary mixing contemporary and baroque dance, I am always in quest of new ideas to feed my research. Currently in the process of creating a solo, I feel the need to recharge and re-visit the origins of baroque dance. Always in the midst of rehearsals or performing, time is missing to just experience and practice dance without the exigency of being ready to present to an audience.

The International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance is a rare and precious opportunity that will undoubtedly be a source of questioning my practice and will bring new ideas to play with. This workshop comes at the right moment to fulfill my craving for enriching exchanges and meeting other baroque dancers. It will also deepen my knowledge and recharge my inspiration.’



Adrian Navarro, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, Berlin/Germany:

Adrian Navarro‘I think back with very fond memories to all my previous sojourn at Löftadalen, no matter if it was as a working dancer in residence, a guest teacher or a participant of the Summer Academy. After every visit I left extremely enriched, both from a professional perspective and on an interpersonal level.

The Summer Academy at Löftadalen is one of the few programmes, which is addressed to professional baroque dancers. It is a very rare opportunity for artistic growth and professional exchange, which is mostly found in choreographic projects. I highly appreciated these experiences already in the previous editions of the Summer Academy.

My main motivation to participate at the programme has always been to work with teachers or choreographers that I have not had the chance to work with before. The focus on male dance technique this year means something special to me as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in the baroque aesthetics.

This year’s edition of the professional course with Gilles Poirier is certainly a unique opportunity for my technical improvement and artistic growth.

I am very much looking forward to yet another chapter at Löftadalen!’




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