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Scholarship holders for the 2018 Summer Academy

We are very happy to announce the holders of the

2018 Löftadalen Summer Academy Scholarship, in memory of Ivo Cramér:
Valerie Lauer and Hilkka Ylinärä

Their main course teachers will be Sarah Berreby and Marie Blaise.


Valerie Lauer, dancer, Berlin:

Valerie Lauer“Coming from a ballet school with classical and national dance background, I immediately felt a connection with baroque dance. During my first baroque dance class with Adrian Navarro, I got pleasantly surprised how different and contemporary it was from what I expected! Although baroque dance marks the origin of classical ballet, the precise footwork, the strong connection between music and choreography, and the specific use of the port de bras were a highly challenging experience and I instantly felt a passion to get to know more about the style.

Practicing baroque dance gave me an entirely new perspective on theatrical dancing, and after attending classes for a few years I now feel ready to step up on a new level and to take classes from other international teachers.

Focusing on dance and learning from such inspiring teachers as Sarah Berreby and Natalie van Parys during the summer will be a great opportunity. Being a ballet dancer I am especially curious about the course on Magri technique by Natalie van Parys, and it will help me getting a better understanding of the early evolution of classical dance.

In addition to that, the exchange with other baroque dancers will complete this week as a truly enriching experience. I am looking forward to participate at such a unique summer academy and I am thrilled to get a chance to improve my dance technique as well as grow as an artist!”



Hilkka Ylinärä, singer, Gothenburg/Helsinki:

Hilkka Ylinärä“Dancing and love for music was a substantial part of my growing, and I think that dancing plays a big role in who I have become as a singer and performer. In my master studies in Gothenburg I investigated the combination of singing and dancing from a point of view of an opera singer, and it was quite a natural choice to use baroque music and baroque dancing as my research material: As a singer, baroque music is my cup of tea, but an even more evident reason for the choice was that baroque music makes me dance!

Baroque music is full of dance rhythms and as a singer who is performing baroque music, I find it extremely useful to understand the rhythm and the dancing that the music is based on. I am convinced that learning baroque dance allows me to understand the music better and consequently I will have the opportunity to perform the music better.

However, this summer at the International Summer Academy in Löftadalen, for the first time I will allow myself to forget the singer’s point of view for a moment, and concentrate exclusively on learning baroque dance, for the sake of dancing itself, from the point of view of the dancer in me.”


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