Impeded Love

Impeded Love by the late Ivo Cramér is a charming pantomime ballet that bubbles over with humour and the joy of dancing. In it, we encounter a string of well-known commedia characters: Harlequin and Columbina (the young lovers who manage to get one another in the end through their cunning), the unwanted suitor Pantalone, the greedy old Dottore and the naive and good-natured servant Pierrot.

The ballet was created in 1991 and has previously been performed using dancers from Cramérbaletten, the Gothenburg Opera ballet, and the Royal Swedish Ballet, in locations such as Confidencen and Gunnebo Palace. In the version presented by Nordic Baroque Dancers, the work is given new life by dancers who are specifically trained in 18th-century dance.

Impeded Love mixes dance, theatre and music from the 18th century in an easily accessible, humorous and lively form, proper to Ivo Cramér. With a straightforward narrative, expressive characters and humoristic choreography, it is a perfect production for all ages.

Choreography: Ivo Cramér (1921-2009)
Music: W A Mozart (1756-1791)
Rehearsal director: Lena Cederwall Broberg
Producer: Anna Karlander
Costume designer: Anna Kjellsdotter

Dancers: Celia Berndtzen – Columbine, Noah Hellwig – Harlequin, Karin Modigh – Il Dottore, Adrian Navarro – Pantalone, Tove Skeidsvoll – Pierrot

Musicians: Sara Uneback – violin, Marie-Louise Marming – violin, Elsbeth Bergh – viola, Kristina Lindgård – cello

Performance length: 40 min.

Performance schedule:
27 February 2013 at 19, Vänersborg theatre PREMIERE
12 October 2013 at 16, Lysekils kulturvecka
3 November 2013 at 15, Varberg theatre
3 November 2013 at 19, Varberg theatre
4 November 2013 at 11, Varberg theatre (school performance)
4 November 2013 at 13, Varberg theatre (school performance)

Impeded Love was produced with support from the Halland region, in collaboration with the Cramér Foundation and Löftadalen Conservatory.

.Photos: Roger Lärk


.Rehearsal trailer from impeded love, Nordic Baroque Dancers/Engeli Broberg/Sylfid Film 2012