The French tv channel Mezzo is currently broadcasting the 18th century ballets “Renaud et Armide” and “Médée et Jason” with Compagnie l’Eventail, choreography by Marie-Geneviève Massé, featuring Noah Hellwig, Adrian Navarro and Karin Modigh. The ballets were filmed at Opéra Royal de Versailles in December 2012.

Médée et Jason27/4 at 00.00
27/4 at 14.00
30/4 at 10.30
2/5 at 07.00
2/5 at 21.00
3/5 at 03.30
3/5 at 17.30
11/5 at 00.00
11/5 at 14.00
14/5 at 10.30
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