Previous Teaching


The Dance Museum: Baroque dance trial classes, 17 August 2011 and 25 February, 3, 10 and 17 March 2012
Stockholm City Museum: 18th century social dances from Stockholm, 15 September, 20 October and 24 November 2011

Baroque dance workshops for Dance teachers

Inspiration days at Löftadalen Conservatory, 10 January 2014

Baroque dance teaching for high school students

Norra Real, Stockholm, February 2014
Gullmarsgymnasiet in collaboration with Karlsson Barock, Lysekil, August-October 2013
Anderstorpsskolan, Skellefteå, February 2012 and September 2013
Midgårdsskolan, Umeå, February 2012
Cybergymnasiet, Stockholm, February 2012
Viktor Rydbergs gymnasium, Stockholm, November 2011
Kungsholmens gymnasium, Stockholm, February/November 2011, February 2013
Spånga gymnasium, Stockholm, April 2011
Frans Schartaus gymnasium, Stockholm, February 2011
Södra Latins gymnasium, Stockholm, January 2011
Rudbeckska gymnasiet, Sollentuna, April 2009

Renaissance dance teaching for high school students

Kungsholmens gymnasium, Stockholm, May 2011

Baroque dance teaching for elementary school students

Slottsskolan year 1-6 (Skapande Skola), Bålsta, March 2014
Magelungsskolan year 4-6, Stockholm, October and November 2010

Renaissance dance teaching for elementary school students

Maestroskolan, Nacka, February 2012
Rödsleskolan year 4-6 (Skapande Skola), Oskarshamn, January and May 2010

Organized courses

Baroque dance repertoire with Karin Modigh in Paris, April 2015
Workshop in baroque dance and ballet d’action with Deda Cristina Colonna (Milano), October 2013
Baroque dance course with Karin Modigh, December 2011, March 2012 and February 2013
Workshop for 
professional dancers with Irène Ginger (Compagnie L’Eventail), February and September 2011